Ralph Vince

About Ralph Vince

Ralph Vince is a programming and trading systems expert who has been programming trading systems for fund managers, family offices and sovereign wealth funds since the early 1980's. He has served on the Board of Directors of the Market Technician's Association of New York, and has written numerous books published by John Wiley & Sons as well as professional papers on money management for trading. His work was featured in a chapter of the Edwards & Magee classic, Technical Analysis of Stock Trends, regarded as the bible of Technical Analysis, and is one of the very few additions since the original publication in 1948.

He has worked as a Portfolio Manager at the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, and is regarded as a recognized authority on position sizing in trading. His allocation algorithms have been licensed by Dow Jones Indexes. He has been invited to give colloquiums on his ideas at such esteemed institutions as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and The London Chamber of Commerce, to name a few. Ralph Vince's books and peer-reviewed academic papers on mathematics and money management for trading - often co-authored with the top minds in the field of mathematics - appear in such publications as The Journal of Investment Strategies and The Far East Journal of Theoretical Statistics.